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Some tips to take beautiful pictures for your real estate ad

22 Feb 2019

The pictures of your property are not to be taken lightly for your real estate ad, they reflect your professionalism and can make the difference compared to your competitors. They are also the elements considered to be the most useful on real estate sites: an ad with a photo is 7 times more visited than an ad without photos! Below are some valuable tips to help you optimize the composition and aesthetics of your photographs.

- The framing:

Keep in mind that having a global view of a room is more relevant than a door shot. You can use a tripod to avoid blurry pictures... The best advice is to use a wide-angle lens to highlight the room space and capture as many elements as possible in the room. 

Also note that for many buyers, the outside view is important.

- The balance:

Make sure that nothing is cut on your shot. Store and move objects if necessary to harmonize the whole room. Remove items that are too personal so that the potential buyer can project himself into the room.

- The light:

Avoid centering your photo on a window as the inside will look darker. However, the openings must be visible to show that a room is bright and has windows to the outside, the garden. To increase the brightness of your shots, you can use external flashes or extend the exposure time.

- The touch-ups

Play with light and dark tones with Photoshop or Photomatix to improve the final look of your photos. 

In conclusion, to significantly increase your visibility, focus on the quality of your photographs, detail will make the difference!

It is certain that hiring a professional can also be a wise decision, photography is a profession in its own right so don't rule out any options!


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